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Where can I get EC?

Please check this Web site under Pharmacy Locations, to see if there is a pharmacy near you that participates in the EC Pharmacy Program. In Alaska, California, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Washington and Vermont, women can go straight to a participating pharmacy to get EC without having to go to a clinic or doctor first. Most family planning clinics also provide EC. If there isn’t a nearby pharmacy that participates in the EC Pharmacy program, and you do not have a regular doctor or clinic, please visit and they may be able to help you find a provider who can give you EC. In some cases, you may be able to call a clinic and pick up EC at a pharmacy.

How much does EC cost?

The price of EC varies by pharmacy. Generally, pharmacists who provide EC directly without a doctor’s prescription charge $20 - $50. In California, pharmacists may charge up to $10 for a consultation fee. Medi-Cal and Family PACT cover the cost the EC product.

Note: Many family planning clinics provide EC free to low-income women, or may charge on a sliding scale.

What should I expect if I go to a pharmacy to get EC?

The pharmacists will ask several questions to make sure EC is right for you. (The pharmacist needs to know when you last had unprotected intercourse, and the start date of your last period.) He or she may ask you to complete a brief form, and may also be give you written information about EC that you can take with you. When visiting a pharmacist for EC you have the right to expect up-to-date information and confidential services!

What is the EC Pharmacy Program?

Five states have established Emergency Contraception Pharmacy Programs so women can get EC straight from a local pharmacy, without first visiting their clinic or doctor. The structure of the program varies a little with each state, but there are common themes. In the program, pharmacists are able to provide women with EC under a standardized protocol. In most cases, pharmacists are required by law to have special training. To find out if there is a pharmacy near you that participates in the program, click on Pharmacy Locations.

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